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After 4 years of R&D and obtaining 58 international patents the intelligent consumption technology, alertgasoil™, was unveiled. Inspired by practices in the aeronautics industry, it provides a solution to those industries consuming a lot of fuel.


an untapped source of savings..

The job of geolocators

To respond to the problems of optimising routes and managing orders.

pie chart

Distribution of costs in a transport company

The work of alertgasoil™

Measuring and controlling 30% of your expenses: the fuel budget.

"A proof of the necessity of the alertgasoil™system:
92% of our customers are already equipped with an embedded telematics solution"

Technology developed for an innovative procedure

The alertgasoil™solution highlights fuel stock variations. To do this, it combines Big Data tools:

  • M2M infrastructure
  • Measurement of the fuel stock via the gauge
  • Transfer of data to the server
  • Analytical data crossing
  • Sending reports and recommendations to users
Alertgasoil™ technology combines the data from more than 10 sensors
Connected gauge

More than 10 smart sensors

  • Including one main sensor in the tank
  • Real time and accurate volume measurement
Electronic unit

An embedded computer system

  • In vehicle cabs
  • Centralised sensor data
From electronic unit to web application
Web application

A web application

  • Consumption analysis and optimisation
  • Web services for customer ERP integration

Consumption without alertgasoil™


Measuring only the Tank - Engine flow

Diagram method of manufacturer analysis consumption


  • Limited reliability of BUSCAN data
  • Estimated consumption
  • Information to benefit the manufacturer
  • Lack of precision

Transport company method

"Full-to-Full" measurement

Diagram of the transport company analysis consumption method

More efficiency than BUSCAN

  • Long method: Manual collection and controls
  • Invisible waste and fraud
  • Self-check requested from drivers
  • Impossibility to take action on the current month
  • Method costly in resources

Thanks to alertgasoil™

Alertgasoil™ technology performs an analytical cross-referencing of data: changes in the fuel stock, contact, geolocation, PTO, invoices ...  It therefore highlights  volume anomalies and stops thefts, wastes, overconsumption, etc.

Analysis diagram of consumption with alertgasoil

Your benefits

  • Stop waste
  • Stop theft
  • CO2 reduction
  • Weight optimisation
  • Productivity increase
  • Behaviour analysis

Our users have come to us to obtain savings of 7 to 17% with an investment of only 1% of their fuel cost. In other words, for an immediate return on investment.

image Développement application alertgasoil

alertgasoil™ technology brings you
up to 30% savings

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