Alertgasoil™, it is 20,000 connected tanks, 350 customers and 2078% growth. It's also rewards for our values: Innovation, Quality, Sustainable Development, etc. And finally, it is a community of users who express it better than we do.

Mr. Oberson

Transports Oberson, Alain-Stéphane Oberson

"We are once again putting our trust in alertgasoil™ by equipping our entire fleet of 60 engines spread over our 3 sites. 2 key elements made us opt for the alertgasoil™ solution: the easy to use system and its application and the high quality of the information transferred to the alertgasoil™ web application."

Jean-Yves Astouin

Transport Provence Astouin, Jean-Yves Astouin

"The information provided by alertgasoil™ is sufficiently precise to enable us to reduce the quantity of fuel on board. This fuel represents idle cash flow that we'll be able to recover by moving from 65% of "unused" stock in a tank to 30%."

M. Blancher

Transports Blancher, Claude Blancher

"We have removed the second tank, resulting in us reducing our fuel stocks by 6,600 gallons. By reducing the dead weight, we expect to make savings of 50,000€ over the year. Alertgasoil™ is a must-have management tool for reducing your fuel budget costs."

Virginie Prévost, Transports Prévost CEO

Transports Prévost, Virginie Prévost

"We are already well-equipped with embedded computing. However alertgasoil™ was the extra thing we needed to control our consumption."

David Sagnard, CEO Transports Carpentier

Transports Carpentier, David Sagnard

"Fuel represents one third of a truck's expenses. Thanks to alertgasoil™, we have managed to reduce our fuel consumption by 9.41%, by combating fuel theft, managing TMAVAs (Engine on, vehicle stationary) and controlling the filling rates of tanks and our average fill-ups."

Métropole Aix-Marseille-Provence, David Sanchez

MAMP : Negotiated procedure to help public procurement “Today, on the fleet of 160 vehicles initially planned, about 90 vehicles have been equipped with alertgasoil™. We notice 21 000 liters saved after a two months use of the system”

Coved environnement, Sylvie Lacrouts

"Our company works in the environment and our communities are sensitive to this subject. It is important for us to work on the improvement of the fuel costs, which is our second largest item of expenditure, and the eco-driving."

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