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Alertgasoil™, it is 20,000 connected tanks, 350 customers and 2078% growth. It's also rewards for our values: Innovation, Quality, Sustainable Development, etc. And finally, it is a community of users who express it better than we do.

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The alertgasoil™ community

Local company or international group. Company or group of municipalities. Freight transport or passenger transport. Today, more than 350 organisations of all types and sizes use our services on a daily basis.

The alertgasoil™ community is united around one common objective: achieving financial and environmental savings.

This goal can only be achieved with proximity and an agile development method. It is this state of mind that allows us to provide a service that is as close as possible to the needs of organisations and their people.

Our customers

Saint-Gobain Sepur Magetra Dynamic Gorlier Chalot Sodilot Schubel Derichebourg Mesguen TRDL Mauffrey Stef Dom'Azur s'heeren Glass Partners MP Logistique Copel Normandie Logistique Transports Oberson Transports Carpentier Transports Prévost Logo du Groupe Blancher Coved Environnement Transports Provence Astouin

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