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Thanks to the alertgasoil™ smart solution, leading private and public transport providers are automating the management of their fuel budget.

Reduce your consumption and your CO2 emissions. Stop theft and waste. Optimise fill-ups and transported weight.

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Fuel: prices increase, so do the thefts!

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Selon LCI, le prix du carburant est à son niveau le plus haut depuis ces 4 dernières années. [...] Si les prix ont un effet direct sur la facture, ils en ont également un sur le carburant qui est détourné frauduleusement.

Le président de l’UFIP ayant prévu « des augmentations pendant encore 4 ans », les professionnels s’organisent. Certains recherchent les pompes à essence les moins chères mais le meilleur moyen de se protéger de l’envol des dépenses carburant reste l’outil de mesure réelle.

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Profitez de la seule solution de mesure réelle et de gestion du carburant : alertgasoil™.
Unique et brevetée, elle est accessible par procédure négociée, sans publicité ni mise en concurrence pour tous les acheteurs publics.

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Negotiated procedure for the public


Facilitate your public procurement without advertising or competitive bidding.

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Competitive advantage for the private sector


Take advantage of the environmental criteria of public tenders.

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Vehicle location


Geolocate your fleet in real time and in replay.

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Change management


Develop the eco-driving skills of your drivers.

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Weight optimization


Reduce overconsumption and working time related to fill-ups.

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Stop CO2


Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

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Stop waste


Remove unproductive consumption when stopped.

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Stop theft


Stop both internal and external thefts immediately.

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What our customers say

Philippe Crassous

Sepur, Philippe Crassous
Material & Purchasing Director

"alertgasoil™ allows us a full control of our fuel cost for financial and green savings with immediate return on investment."

Sylvie Lacrouts

Transport Coved environnement, Sylvie Lacrouts
Project Leader digital transformation

"Our company works in the environment and our communities are sensitive to this subject. It is important for us to work on the improvement of the fuel costs, which is our second largest item of expenditure, and the eco-driving."

Mr. Oberson

Transports Oberson, Alain-Stéphane Oberson

"We are once again putting our trust in alertgasoil™ by equipping our entire fleet of 60 engines spread over our 3 sites. 2 key elements made us opt for the alertgasoil™ solution: the easy to use system and its application and the high quality of the information transferred to the alertgasoil™ web application."

Jean-Yves Astouin

Transport Provence Astouin, Jean-Yves Astouin

"The information provided by alertgasoil™ is sufficiently precise to enable us to reduce the quantity of fuel on board. This fuel represents idle cash flow that we'll be able to recover by moving from 65% of "unused" stock in a tank to 30%."

M. Blancher

Transports Blancher, Claude Blancher

"We have removed the second tank, resulting in us reducing our fuel stocks by 6,600 gallons. By reducing the dead weight, we expect to make savings of 50,000€ over the year. Alertgasoil™ is a must-have management tool for reducing your fuel budget costs."

Smart consumer technology

Alertgasoil™ technology combines the data from more than 10 sensors on your vehicles with those of a main ""fuel sensor"". Thanks to Big Data analysis, it provides complete and automated management of the fuel budget.

Alertgasoil™ technology combines the data from more than 10 sensors
Alertgasoil™ technology combines the data from more than 10 sensors

More than 10 smart sensors

  • Including one main sensor in the tank
  • Real time and accurate volume measurement
An embedded computer system

An embedded computer system

  • In vehicle cabs
  • Centralised sensor data
From an embedded computer system to a web application
A web application:AGPro

A web application

  • Consumption analysis and optimisation
  • Web services for customer ERP integration

Customized support


alertgasoil™ services offer you personalised monitoring, adjusted to your needs, and put at your disposal:

Un responsable secteur sur le terrain

A manager on the ground

Un chargé de compte dédié

A dedicated Account Manager

Des pôles d'expertises gestion de carburant

Expertise centres


Les nouvelles fonctionnalités

Vidage Tachy - AGTach

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  • Boitier de vidage tachy alertgasoil™
  • Téléchargement automatique et à distance des fichiers C1B et V1B
  • Consultation live sur AGPro
  • Accès aux fichiers légaux
  • Lecteur, jusqu’à 20 cartes entreprise
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Demandez plus d’informations au :04 96 13 02 70

But also...

  • Geofencing: Monitor remotely
  • Eco-driving: Motivate your drivers
  • App: Consult on your smartphone
  • Telemonitoring: Protect your fleet

Our news

Vol de carburant
Fri, 05/04/2018 - 09:33

According to LCI, fuel cost is at its highest level for the past 4 years. 1.40 euros per liter of diesel! That is an increase of 40 cents compared to last year. This progression highly impacts the Transport and Environmental (waste collection and treatment...) industries, which depends on its vehicles fleet and see its fuel cost inflate.

Vol de carburant

Increased thefts

If the prices have a direct impact on the bill when adding fuel to the tank, they also have one on the fuel that is fraudulently hijacked. Indeed, the increase in diesel prices leads to a growth in the number of external thefts (night thefts by structured teams) but also internal (thefts by the employees of the company).

The alertgasoil™ company, which tracks the activity of more than 20 000 tanks equipped with its technology, published its figures about the "suspicious consumption" evolution among its users.

"In the first 4 months of this year, the number of thefts has increased by 37% compared to the same period in 2017," says Eric Elkaïm, alertgasoil™ President. Adding that "for businesses, thefts represent the largest unproductive part of the fuel cost, especially in periods of high prices like the one we are currently experiencing."


Protect your tanks

The President of the UFIP having planned "increases for another 4 years", professionals are organizing. Some are looking for the cheapest fuel pumps, but the best way to protect themselves from rising fuel costs remains the real measurement tool.

The Director of a large environmental company testifies: "Regardless of the fuel price, we had already decided to stop thefts. That is why we equipped ourselves with the alertgasoil ™ measurement and fuel management solution. Thanks to this anticipation, we do not suffer any fraud today, even though in 2 months the system has stopped about ten attempts of fuel thefts". Its Waste Collection and Treatment company now equips more than 1 200 vehicles with the alertgasoil ™ fuel management solution.

The alertgasoil ™ company has also installed its system on the garbage trucks of the cities of Paris, Marseille, Lyon, reducing their consumption by more than 25%, and has just validated the deployment in the Principality of Monaco. Some other French cities should quickly thrive from the benefits of the solution.

Indeed, the technology is unique and patented, it is accessible by negotiated procedure, without advertising or competition for all public purchasers.

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In the press

Mon, 04/23/2018 - 10:57
alertgasoil™ starts a new partnership with the Israeli company Trucknet, a cloud platform based on transport optimization. Specialized in the "smart" transports fields, Trucknet enables optimized freight exchanges between transport companies to avoid empty return, reducing the number of trucks and increasing the profit of transport companies while protecting the planet. The company alertgasoil™ on its side equips trucks with sensors helping to save up to 30% of fuel, thereby reducing pollution.
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