Added value

We clean your consumption "at a standstill": waste, fraud, etc. for an immediate return on investment. Then we improve your driving consumption to increase your financial gains.


How can you save up to 30% on your fuel budget?...

Step 1: clean your consumption "at a standstill"...

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Eliminate waste

Thanks to the automatic distinction between driving and stopping, receive information related to unproductive consumption in real-time alerts and detailed reports.

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Stop internal and external thefts

The system alerts you by sms/email and triggers a 110dB siren in the case of siphoning. You immediately find out: where, when, who, how much, how. Automated invoice control stops thefts at the pump. It puts a stop to misconduct and disrespect of the company's equipment.

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Optimize fill-ups

Alertgasoil™ services analyse and optimise your fill-ups.
They allow you to reduce the over-consumption of your vehicles and reduce the working time linked to the fill-ups.

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Support the change

Develop the eco-driving skills of your drivers.
Easily communicate results and motivate your teams with driver data.

...thanks to the automated processing

thanks to the automated anomaly processing,
we highlight and eliminate unproductive consumptions

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Useless fill-ups are made at each back on site, causing: a useless working time (15 min/fill-up), 682kg of transported fuel and as much cashflow in the tanks.

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With alertgasoil™, based on real-time stock, you get reliable info to refuel or not

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August the 4th, idling of 101min (from 14h11 to 15h52): waste of 8,1 Litres. (Red lights, traffic jam, etc. are excluded)

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Automatic on board and back office alerts

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The billing check gives you an overview of each difference on what you paid compare to what you got in the tank…

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The anomalies are directly highlighted

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July the 24th, attempted theft on the vehicle. The siren triggers after 2 min and the theft is stopped, protection the remaining 540 Litres.

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Siren 110 db (3 meters) to break external thefts

Image You can see the theft, who and where ! texte img 1

December, the 16th at 12h43, siphoning of 54,2 litres from the tank of the vehicle BQ-975-BS. The reporting highlights the engine On and the inserted driver card.

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For each anomaly: alertgasoil™ answers questions Where, When, Who, How and How much?

step 2: improve your driving consumption


The automated management of 100% of the data enables you to optimize all the fuel cost activities: communication, invitations to tender or public purchases, human resources, accident research, etc.

img 1 Check consumption in real time
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Track and monitor your consumption

Follow consumption in real time and analyze your drivers’ behavior in order to improve their eco-driving performances:

img 2 Locate your vehicles
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Geolocate your vehicles in real time and in replay. Check all the stages and events on the way thanks to the cross analysis of all the data.

img 3 Préservons l'environnement texte img 3

"The highest measurement reliability in Europe (level 4)" - Ministry of Sustainable Development

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Get a real CO2 measure

Decrease your CO2 emissions thanks to the reduction of your fuel consumption. Follow the CO2 label of each vehicle and each driver. Enjoy the highest accuracy of information in Europe:

Thanks to a detailed follow-up and to the suppression of fraud and theft, Coved has reduced its fuel consumption and its CO2 emissions of 26.3%
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Competitive advantage for the private sector


Take advantage of the environmental criteria of public tenders.

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Negotiated procedure for the public


Facilitate your public procurement without advertising or competitive bidding.


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The alertgasoil™ services allow you to take advantage of a business expertise adapted to all levels of your organization.

  • A Field Manager defines with you the services and facilities to meet your needs.
  • Our Trainers provide you the autonomy so that you can change the settings according to your organization evolution.
  • Our Consultants allow you to respond quickly to challenges you encounter.
  • A Dedicated Account Manager offers you a privileged accompaniment throughout the life of your contract.


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Savings achieved

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Cash-flow increase

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Self-financing solution

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EEC grants


alertgasoil™ technology brings you
up to 30% savings

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