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After 4 years of R&D and obtaining 58 international patents the intelligent consumption technology, alertgasoil™, was unveiled. Inspired by practices in the aeronautics industry, it provides a solution to those industries consuming a lot of fuel.


The AGPro App

AGPro is the alertgasoil™ system's main app.
It quickly enables you to achieve a certain profitability by controlling your fuel budget.

tableau de bord


Get an overview of your entire fleet at a glance. The different widgets present you with the information essential to managing your fuel budget and your fleet. Track your consumption in real time and 24/7.

We have obtained a decrease of 9.41% of our fuel consumption by combating fuel theft, managing TMAVAs (Engine on, vehicle stationary) and controlling the filling rates of tanks and our average fill-ups.David Sagnard, Carpentier Transport

Statistiques et fiches conducteurs & vehicules

Driver and vehicle statistics and sheets

View and export consolidated data for all drivers or vehicles over a selected period. Find the consumption log.

Retrieve basic information and consumption data for a particular driver or vehicle relative to the group to which they belong. Support the development of eco-driving skills.

Cartes live & replay

Live and replay maps

Locate your vehicles, check their status, see their movements. Locate your entire fleet on one map and easily target the details of a particular group or vehicle.

Retrace journeys and the event log for every vehicle in your fleet.

We have removed the second tank, resulting in us reducing our fuel stocks by 6,600 gallons. By reducing the dead weight, we expect to make savings of 50,000 € over the year.Claude Blancher, Blancher Transport



Benefit from the most accurate view of your vehicle data. You can analyse the information sent every 90 seconds to understand the good and bad "results" from a vehicle.

Alertes & centre d'alertes

Alerts and Alert centre

Be alerted and alert your drivers in real time and 24/7 with automatic reporting of any anomalies detected. Stop theft and waste.

Get an overall and detailed view of theft and TMAVA alerts whether in progress or completed.

After installation, the thefts have decreased overnight. We have also been able to stop thieves on the fact, in particular thanks to the siren which has an immediate "stop" effect.Sylvie Lacrouts, Coved Environment Transport



Generate automatic monitoring, awareness, analysis reports, etc.


alertgasoil™ technology brings you
up to 30% savings

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