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31 January 2019

Reducing environmental impact, a priority in Europe

by Julien Endeler in

Image Europe and US

alertgasoil ™ is a green patented technology which allows companies and communities to control their fuel and significantly reduce their CO2 emissions.

alertgasoil ™: a green technology recognized in Europe and the United States

While Europe has just set targets for reducing CO2 emissions in transport, alertgasoil™ is working with European Parliament to become the standard that will accompany European companies in reducing their carbon footprint.

alertgasoil ™ allows:
- to measure trucks CO2 emissions;
- to reduce fuel consumption;
- to collect data with a standardization as social data model - VECTO -. These data are certified for the legal control.

Meanwhile, tests are currently underway in the United States. They are part of he company's development in North America.
In 2018, alertgasoil ™ was 3rd in the Global Cleantech Open in Los Angeles.

Founded in 2009, the french company has 350 customers and 20,000 equipped tanks.
Its fuel control and management tool reduces vehicles fuel consumption up to 30%.


An essential eco-sustainable mission

An article published in Futura Planète magazine at the end of 2018 by journalist Marie-Céline Ray indicates that the CO2 concentration in atmosphere is: "almost twice as high as that of the pre-industrial period, before 1750 ".

Currently, the ocean and the biosphere manage to absorb a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions. The rest remains in the atmosphere.

The World Meteorological Organization insists that initiatives for CO2 rapid reduction are favored in order to reduce impact on the climate.

In his wishes for 2019, Eric Elkaïm, alertgasoil™ CEO, is committed to pursuing with conviction his eco-sustainable approach.