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25 June 2019

Folllowing VivaTech, alertgasoil™ echoes

by Inès Levy in

Image Forbes magazine

Following the VivaTech 2019 show, Forbes magazine published an article about the innovative companies present to the event, and their communication, or lack of communication, around their patents.
Sylvie Gamet, thee CEO of support companies: Finatus Value and Nowall Innovation, shares her observations.

Indeed, only 24 of the 9000 patent-holding companies emphasize this advantage.

No mention appears, neither on the stand, nor in the commercial speech, while it is expected to be a strong and credible argument.
Faced with this astronishing observation, her interest turned to start-ups which decided to highlight this dimension, including alertgasoil™.

For the young company, the communication around its pattern is very important : it covers 58 countries in Europe, Africa and North Amercia.

Her testimony can be found in a Forbes’s magazine article.
“The palm of the geographical scope of protection is certainly the start-up alertgasoil™, which since 2009 has operated a patent it owns in 58 countries, protecting a technology for monitoring and calculating fuel consumption.

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