The company

Our company pursues its objective every day: develop alertgasoil™, a pragmatic solution that can save users money while reducing their environmental impact.


Tank siphoning, use of electric pumps on parking areas, theft at the pump.

In 2009, from these dismal findings, Avenir Developpement Durable was born, the result of an in-depth look at the world of transport and its main obstacles: increase in the price of fuel, increase in the resulting thefts.

Environmental concerns are added to these economic considerations in order to work for a sustainable regulation of international transport. The solution to these problems lies in the creation of alertgasoilâ„¢: a unique patented tool combining a high-tech product and a web client application; able to meet both the significant savings needs of this industry and the environmental challenges facing the world of transportation.

At Avenir Developpement Durable, we are firmly convinced of the value of alertgasoilâ„¢ and its prominent place in the world of international transport.

The lack of a tool for measuring fuel stocks has found its response with alertgasoil™ which fills a real gap in this sector of activity. A significant element within a company, stock control becomes even more important when the fuel budget represents 30% of the company's expenses. Awarded for the innovation of alertgasoilâ„¢ and a holder of patents covering more than 50 destinations, Avenir Developpement Durable has drawn on its 4 years of intensive R&D, expertise and investigation. As proof of this is the renowned global leadership of Avenir Developpement Durable.

History and Values

The alertgasoil™ approach firmly roots Avenir Developpement Durable in a truly eco-responsible and economic approach.

Eco-responsible because we are convinced that our future depends on the reduction of CO2 emissions.

We advocate pragmatic sustainable development, engaged in collaboration with entrepreneurs to move forward together towards common values.

We also claim our French authenticity, since all the parts that make up our system are manufactured in France. In the same way, our network of installers enables us to reduce transport between each installation. Our approach is also cost-effective. As the price of fuel rises and the resulting thefts increase, the world of transportation is truly in crisis and is struggling to find sustainable sources of savings.

In today's society of immediacy, Avenir Developpement Durable offers a turnkey solution (plug& play) that's reliable and adapted to your day to day problems. What guides us is the quality of service that we offer you through our support, our advice, our availability and how we listen.

Aware of the current burden on transport and logistics contractors, we promise savings and are able to demonstrate this and engage with you.

alertgasoil™ technology benefits your eco-productivity.