MAMP: 21 000 liters saved over 2 months

National TV news: Stop the fuel thefts

National TV news: Stop the fuel thefts

Dynamic Gorlier: 187 805 liters saved each year

Coved: immediate “stop theft effect”

Sodilot: immediate ROI

alertgasoil™ in 2 minutes

Only what is measured can be well managed



A theoretical, estimated and vague fuel consumption

The consumption calculation by fill up analysis (fuel card, internal tank, etc.)

  • time consuming (complete fill up at the beginning and the end of the period)
  • without any mean to detect frauds and waste
  • inefficient in case of driver daily changes

alertgasoil™ is a unique solution to measure your fuel consumption in real time.

It allows you to manage your fuel expenses on 100% of your fleet regardless of the brand, model and date of manufacture with only one single tool.

They trust us

  • Saint-Gobain
  • Coved Environnement
  • Derichebourg
  • Stef
  • Becker
  • MAMP
  • Normandie logistic
  • Prevost

as well as more than 350 other clients


alertgasoil™ technology brings you
up to 30% savings

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