Thanks to partnerships established with all transport businesses, alertgasoil™ helps you, whatever your industry, to reduce your fuel consumption by up to 30%.

Construction industry



You want to exploit the cash from the fuel tanks of your construction equipment?

Immediately reduce your fuel consumption thanks to adapted tools.

Developed in partnership with the Transport organizations, our system is designed to provide to Construction Industry appropriate tools and services: Alerts and siren against internal and external thefts, Connected measurement and control system, Fill-ups optimization reportings, etc.

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Financial and green savings thanks to automated fuel cost management


Bénéfices alertgasoil
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Stop theft


Stop both internal and external thefts immediately.

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Stop waste


Remove unproductive consumption when stopped.

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Stop CO2


Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

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Weight optimization


Reduce overconsumption and working time related to fill-ups.

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Competitive advantage for the private sector


Take advantage of the environmental criteria of public tenders.

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Negotiated procedure for the public


Facilitate your public procurement without advertising or competitive bidding.


alertgasoil™ technology brings you
up to 30% savings

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